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Access Controls



Access Controls are the keys to your automated gate system. Your “key” could be your smartphone, keypad, telephone entry system, a card swipe, radio controls and more – in addition to an actual key. We are here to help you navigate through these different methods of access controls and determine which system best meets your wants and needs.

Telephone Entry Systems

Telephone entry systems work through an existing telephone line. When a visitor pushes a call button, the home phone has a distinctive ring. You, the homeowner, can open the gate by pressing 9 on your phone.

The telephone entry system comes with a keypad mounted at the gate. Codes can be issued with full access or restricted access based on specific times, days, or number of uses.

The system records each entry so you can view this “audit trail” on a laptop or other computer.

NEW! We are proud to present new products in the cellular telephone entry line!
The AES Telephone Entry is the newest cellular-based telephone entry system for the residential market.  We no longer offer standard GSM-based models.  This model is 3G and the great thing about that is, you are no longer restricted to one or two mobile carriers for your SIM cards and plans.  You can now go to ANY 3G provider!  *EXCLUSIVE TO GATEWORKS* 


A very straightforward option, you can control your gate using a number pad and your own code. Keypads can be battery operated or hard wired into your gate operator.

Radio Receiver and Transmitters

Radio transmitters work the same as your garage door opener. If your vehicle is already equipped with a radio transmitter we can program it to open the gate.


The new age of intercoms are here!  Ask us about our new WI-FI intercoms!  Speak to your visitors no matter where you are!  As long as you have WI-FI at your gate area (or we can install it) you can access the rich features of this new powerful unit!

predator-WIFIPredator-WIFI Intercom


Internet Access

Internet access systems allow you to control your gate via the internet or again your smartphone. You can assign codes for each visitor, send yourself alerts when the gate is opened, and do it all from your phone.

Card Readers

Card Readers use a pre-issued card which the holder inserts or swipes on the reader. The card contains the code which the reader may verify or reject. Similarly, these readers can be used as modular add-ons to many Telephone Entry systems.


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